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Cardano Collaborates With Lykke Corp to Deliver New Framework of Financial Services & Products

The Cardano Foundation has partnered with Switzerland-based Lykke Corp to deliver new varieties of financial services and products, the blockchain organization mentioned in a new release.

The not-for-profit organization working on overseeing development in the Cardano ecosystem says it is collaborating with the Switzerland fintech firm to increase its financial services offering and give vigor to the crypto in the market.

At the moment, Lykke, which is already on the verge of obtaining the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) acknowledgment to increase its operational reach, and will use the opportunity to deploy series of products that offer unmatched access to the blockchain technology network.

Lykke Corp offers diverse services in the blockchain space; the firm is behind the Open Initiative, a section saddled with the responsibility of fundraising for blockchain ideas. Also, the corp owns LyCI digital index and the Lykke blockchain business services.

Cardano Foundation’s Chairperson, Nathan Kaiser, said the ecosystem is pleased to welcome Lykk Corp, being one of Switzerland’s most innovative blockchain financial companies. The Chairperson believes the collaboration will be a win-win victory for the two entities and will serve as a means of empowering the Cardano blockchain and the whole industry entirely.

To Lykke Corp’s Richard Olsen, the Cardano blockchain is poised to becoming banks’ most desired blockchain solution and will help the organization in heightening the Lykke organized trading facility (OTF), while also creating avenues for new Lykke products and services deployed by on the Cardano network.

The collaboration is an attestation to Cardano’s objectives of liaising with blockchain firms throughout the world to create interoperable solutions and frameworks.

Recently, the Cardano founder and CEO of IOHK sought to create a link between the Cardano blockchain and Litecoin. The CEO requested collaboration from Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, however, the outcome of their conversation has not be announced publicly. It is expected that the discussion will fuel something beneficial to the blockchain space in the nearest future.

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