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Cardano Enables Next-Level On-Chain Data Visibility

Cardano Enables Next-Level On-Chain Data Visibility

Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to all kinds of achievements.

Now, the Cardano Foundation dropped another exciting annocuement on their social media account, and you can check it out below.

In the official blog post on the Cardano forum, the team notes that “The Cardano Foundation is pleased to announce its collaboration with blockchain analytics firm Flipside Crypto, to enable next-level on-chain data visibility for the Cardano protocol.”

The notes continue and explain that “Through Flipside Crypto’s proprietary Chainwalking™ process, every block on Cardano is decoded in real-time into a universal data set. Flipside’s data science team then uses statistical and behavioral modeling to track and label Cardano’s on-chain activity. The collated blockchain data is then used to power insightful data visualizations made public on the Flipside Data Cooperative 14.”

The same blog post goes on and explains what the Flipside Data Cooperative is and you should definitely check out the complete notes in order to learn all the available details about this new initiative.

New meetup for September 22

In other news, just the other day, we revealed that the Cardano community dropped an exciting announcement on their social media account.

You can check out their tweet below.

This will reportedly be an evening of networking and discussion regarding the growth and development of the Cardano blockchain.

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