Cardano Foundation Chairperson Lists Upcoming Milestones after Shelley

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The chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, Nathan Kaiser, has revealed what to expect next from the Cardano blockchain protocol after the release of Shelley mainnet which went live recently.

During the Crypto AM session of the CityAM news platform, anchored by journalist James Bowater, Nathan was engaged in a series of conversations where he was asked some questions regarding Cardano and the development of the blockchain technology.

The Chairperson talked about the progress made by Cardano so far and the adorable fact that the COVID-19 crisis, despite its widespread influence, did not hinder the Cardano’s progress.

Answering the question ‘what to expect after the release of Shelley’, Nathan said three things are expected for Q4 2020. He said smart contracts, tokens, and decentralized applications would be rolled out gradually in the next quarter of the year.

The Chairperson furthered that the three developments would let Cardano blockchain become accessible and open for developers who want to build on the protocol, as well as institutions and enterprise users.

Subsequently, extensive creation of dapps, native tokens and smart contracts developed on Cardano would come in place, and thousands of new stakeholders would also be on-boarded into the Cardano ecosystem.

He explained that Shelley has made Cardano one of the top decentralized and scalable protocol, and Goguen critical components are almost ready, hence, the Cardano team can now dedicate their attention to interoperability with legacy financial systems. All these would help Cardano create one of the most powerful and accessible global financial operating systems.

While Cardano looks forward to onboarding two ex-PwC professionals Frederik Gregaard, and Eva Oberholzer, Nathan said it would be a great development for the entire ecosystem as the two would help foster the Foundation’s enterprise adoption goal.

Along with other members of the Cardano Foundation team, Fredrik and Eva would be working towards identifying and onboarding new enterprise partners and discovering partnerships with innovators around the world. Also, they’ll ensure that Cardano becomes inclusive for legacy financial providers and institutions.

Most Vital Milestones after Cardano’s Goguen

To improve Cardano’s interoperability, scalability, sharding and sidechains, Basho would be rolled out after Goguen, Nathan said. Hence, the switch between UTXO and account-based models would be enabled.

The Cardano Foundation Chairperson concluded that with all the functionalities, the blockchain network would get a position among the most attractive permissionless blockchains for governments, businesses/enterprises and financial institutions.

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