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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson To Speak At The Wyoming Blockchain Stampede

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson To Speak At The Wyoming Blockchain Stampede

Another exciting piece of new hasbeen just released by the Cardano team.

On the social media account of the Cardano community, this exciting annocuement just popped up the other day:

Wyoming Blockchain Stampede comprises six free virtual events

Just in case you don’t know details about the event, well, this is the third annual Wyoming Blockchain Stampede, and it comprises six free virtual events, covering three main blockchain themes – Sources, Impact, and Implementation.

All these are looking to unite the worldwide participants with thought leaders, legislators and changemakers at the forefront of major impacts to the world’s future in blockchain technology.

“We’ll explore the impact of digital innovations to reduce costs and improve profits, we’ll examine sources that prove the identity and provenance of individuals and assets, and we’re inviting participants to join discussions on implementing new laws and technologies,” according to Rich Kopcho, producer of the event.

We recommend that you check out the official page of the event and there, you will find all the available details about what will go down during the meetings.

A new announcement

In other news, the Cardano Foundation dropped another exciting annocuement on their social media account, and you can check it out below.

If you are curious about the price of ADA today, well, on CMC the digital asset is trading in the red just like most other coins.

The coin is down by 5% and it’s priced at $0.092011.

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