Financial contracts on Cardano: The ACTUS standard in Marlowe

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Senior research fellow Simon Thompson and software engineer Dmytro Kondratiuk join #Cardano2020 to talk about standards in building financial contracts with the domain specific language Marlowe. The ACTUS standard is a taxonomy of financial contracts and a description of how they should behave. By implementing this standard, financial institutions can encourage customers to trade money on a blockchain, or distributed ledgers can be used to mirror contracts in the real world. This allows for greater integration of distributed ledger technology in the traditional financial space. When ACTUS is implemented with Marlowe we can:

– Encourage good behavior in the participants of a blockchain based financial contract
– Connect the traditional financial space with distributed ledger technology
– Allow anyone to build robust financial contracts on Cardano
– Ensure that agreements are fulfilled or funds are returned when conditions are not met




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