Hoskinson Hints Possible Partnership Between Cardano And Chainlink

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Hoskinson hints a new partnership between Cardano and Chainlink in his latest video posted on YouTube, announcing an official statement soon as per the Cardano crypto news.

Hoskinson reported on the project in Africa which are slowly starting and some are still in the tendering phase. The CEO of Input Output Hong Kong Charles Hoskinson spoke about other projects and possible partnerships in the ADA ecosystem in his one-hour AMA session over the weekend. The most exciting news was the Hoskinson hints a likely partnership with Chainlink.

One user even asked Hoskinson about the progress of the Oracle solution and the results of the discussion with Chainlink’s founder Sergey Nazarov but he didn’t explain further saying that there will be an official statement on the discussion and the partnership in due course. As Hoskinson explained, one of the core principles of Cardano is to offer users and developers other options. Hoskinson stated that Chainlink is a great product that has a huge potential to become a comprehensive oracle solution:

“We will make a statement at some point, but we had a discussion about Chainlink and it’s a great product. It can certainly be part of a broader oracle solution. I believe in choice and it is important to give Cardano users and developers multiple options, everything from stablecoins to oracles and it will be very cool to see what we can accomplish there.”

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Another user asked Hoskinson about the current status of his projects in Africa because the foundation entered into a partnership with the South African National Blockchain Alliance in order to promote the adoption of blockchain technology. IOHK also worked with some other fertilizer projects aiming to provide the African farmers with tools to increase the production:

The ATA bid, the primary bid; we were underbid by another company: It was crazy because we thought the contract would cost $500,000 to. But I really wanted it so I bid $100,000 and somebody came in with $35,000 bid. So there is no way they possibly can make even break even on a contract like that. The good news is we can probably come in a sub-contractor on that arrangement so it is a god way to get into the voucher business with the ATA. We are also biding on a telecommunications contract and we are bidding on a transportation contract and there are a few other things.”

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