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Performance engineering: Lies, damned lies and (TPS)benchmarks

Chief technical architect Duncan Coutts and Neil Davies come together at #Cardano2020 to discuss the reality of transactions per second (TPS) in building a global financial operating system. While various networks might boast about their lofty TPS rate, what does this measure mean? We prefer to examine transactions per second in terms of Cardano’s ability to make meaningful interactions for the user. Nonetheless, here we outline how we have measured Cardano’s performance against peak Ethereum transactions and the UK’s interbank transfer system. IOHK also looks at how many bytes per second can be transmitted using Cardano. From our tests we found out:

– Cardano can perform as quickly as is desirable in transmitting bytes per second
– Future growth as required is built into the protocol and the design
– Ouroboros Praos will work in terms of both timing and security

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