The Cardano Community just revealed something important for the entire crypto space

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The Cardano Community just revealed something important for the entire crypto space

US Congress writes to the IRS to explain why PoS block rewards should not be taxed as income. @CardanoStiftung’s work to promote the education of PoS technologies via our membership w/ @alliance_pos is yielding results.

— Cardano Community (@Cardano) September 9, 2020

A Twitter user wrote: “Useful info, thank you. Looks like POS Alliance is driving education to lawmakers and IRS, helping them understand PoS and when it is most appropriate to tax. Atm it appears the push is for taxation to happen when rewards are sold through exchanges.”

There were a lot of other comments to support this move that were posted on Twitter as feedback to the tweet mentioned above.

The importance of taking a proactive part in the blockchain industry

The official notes that are addressed in the tweet begin with the following statement: “This week, we are taking a break from our usual Shelley blog series to explore some important news within the proof of stake (PoS) blockchain ecosystem, in which the Cardano Foundation has been directly involved. Our technical post-Shelley blog series will resume next Wednesday with a feature on managing digital identities with blockchain technology.”

The notes reveal the following: “In June, the Cardano Foundation’s General Secretary, Hinrich Pfeifer, published an op-ed in leading British financial newspaper City A.M., sharing the importance of taking a proactive part in the wider blockchain industry, and helping to shape legislation within the entire blockchain space, through education and leadership.”

Cardano Community releases guide to running a stake pool

Cardano has been making headlines a lot these days, due to various achievements and also bold plans.

It’s been revealed a few days ago that the Cardano Community just made a really exciting announcement about a useful move that they just made.

The team dropped an in-depth guide to running a stake pool and more.

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